About Us


Stehmann has been dedicated to women's trousers since 1971 in a down-to-earth and authentic way. When our story began, women's trousers were still a young fashion topic in their diversity. Today it is an absolute essential that is all about one thing: an excellent fit. At Stehmann, we dedicate ourselves to the perfect fit just as uncompromisingly as we do our claim to traditional, first-class manufacturing and reliable, fine quality. With 72 employees and run in the 2nd generation by siblings Judith and Frank Stehmann, our company can draw on over 50 years of fashion experience and unique expertise. We see our employees as pillars of success and attach great importance to respect and appreciation when dealing with one another. Our employees see themselves as part of the Stehmann family, which is reflected, among other things, in the low staff turnover.


From the first idea in the design, to the pattern creation in our CAD, to the first prototype from our sample sewing department, all of our models have their origins in Fürth. Only after our employees have passed the feel-good wearing test do the models get the chance to become Stehmann trousers. The know-how stays with us in-house..


Stehmann trousers are thoughtfully designed and the perfect mix of traditional know-how and creative innovations make them real favorites for our customers. Continuity and reliability of the fit apply to everyday favorites in tried-and-tested cuts or trend-accurate fashion pieces that always match our customer's personal style world. We have translated this world into three strong collection lines.ien.